Shuffle means infinite variations

The Shuffle cabinet system offers you numerous benefits, such as easy assembly and disassembly, as well as more efficient use of space. The Shuffle modules also let you create an unlimited number of variations. And last but not least, Shuffle is delivered direct to your door – order conveniently online from one of our partners.


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Small details
With a big impact

simple elegance

Shuffle modules are available in a white gloss or matt finish. Whether industrial, Scandinavian or simple elegance – whichever living style you prefer, white goes with everything!
White is the perfect base colour that can be combined with any colour scheme. You can determine the basic look by choosing different feet and handles. Add decorations and accessories to give your Shuffle the personal touch.

Shuffle – the available individual elements

Modular flexibility

All Shuffles are not created equal. You can choose the height and width. You can individually configure the ideal cabinet modules to suit your preference – this ensures you can find your perfect cabinet.

Get Shuffle
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Product information

General information, technical details and installation

  • The individual Shuffle modules can be individually combined to create solutions for a wide variety of needs. For example, as an open/closed wardrobe, dresser, TV cabinet, bookshelf, or storage solutions for sloping ceilings, etc.
  • The system can be extended at any time and adapts flexibly and perfectly to new room conditions – expansion options for larger apartments, separated modules for smaller apartments, and easy adaptation to changing room conditions and requirements.
  • White furniture can be perfectly combined with all colours and styles and harmoniously adapted to match your personal furnishing style. (Handles and feet are currently available in three different styles.)

Product dimensions
Module M

Width: 80 cm
Depth: 49 cm (without front)
Depth: 51 cm (with front)
Height: 45 cm

Product dimensions
Module L

Width: 40 cm
Depth: 49 cm (without front)
Depth: 51 cm (with front)
Height: 180 cm / 225 cm (+ Module S)

Product dimensions
Module XL

With: 80 cm
Depth: 49 cm (without Front)
Depth: 51 cm (with Front)
Height: 180 cm / 225 cm (+ Module M)

Function & Quality

  • Carcass: decorative print, white high gloss or matt – outer and inner surface including rear wall
  • Front: white – optionally in matt decorative print or high gloss
  • Door fittings: hinges with click system and damping (soft-close)
  • Drawer fittings: underfloor rail, full opening and self-closing, with damping
  • Handles/feet: metallic aluminium colour as standard, optionally available in “Scandinavian look” solid oak or “Industrial look” black metal
  • Small distance between the joints for a harmonious overall look, sealed against dust
  • Interior: one shelf and one clothes rail per cabinet element as standard
  • Shelves: 22 mm thick, fixed via angled shelf supports, individually adjustable thanks to continuous grid holes
  • Clothes rail: fixed via metal supports
  • The rear wall is additionally fixed by means of a rear wall bracket (naturally, without tools).


Use and application

In terms of the surface finish, our furniture is available in a wide variety of materials, colours and materials, each of which has vastly different properties. Therefore, when choosing your Shuffle, it’s worth considering how much – and how – your furniture will be used in the future. Whether plastic, real wood, imitation wood or solid wood, all surfaces change over time due to exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Please try to ensure a constant, healthy room climate, because wood materials and solid woods tend to warp due to fluctuations in room temperature and air humidity. Therefore, ventilate the room thoroughly at least once per day. According to medical and scientific research, the optimal indoor climate averages 45–55% relative humidity at 18–23°C.

Please also remember to provide rear ventilation for the furniture – place it at least 20 mm away from the wall. Failure to follow these rules may result in permanent damage to your furniture.

Ensure that no hot, heavy, sharp-edged or damp objects are placed on the furniture’s surfaces. These can leave dents or marks. Immediately dab spilled liquids such as fruit juices and alcohol with an absorbent cloth. Never rub the surface forcefully in any one place. Furniture surfaces that are in contact with different materials for a prolonged period (e.g. plasticisers on desk coverings) can lead to chemical reactions and discolouration.

The load capacity of beds, functional parts, shelves, drawers, shelf units and wall shelves, whether made of glass, wood, metal, plastic, varies greatly. In addition, depending on the material and size, a certain amount of sagging of shelves, shelf units, drawer bottoms, tabletops or inserts is unavoidable and permissible, as long as this does not impair their safety, function and overall harmonious appearance. Therefore, the following manufacturer’s information regarding the maximum load limits must be observed.  Load limits table (PDF)

Environment & Sustainability

For us, quality and sustainability are a tradition

Modern bedroom and storage solutions “made in Germany”. This is what Rauch stands for. Whether cabinet systems, dressers, beds, apartment furniture or teens’ bedrooms, Rauch produces ecologically excellent furniture for every style and budget – to exceptional quality standards. In addition to modern design and functionality, we prioritise outstanding workmanship and longevity – because healthy and relaxed living is our passion.

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of bedroom furniture, we attach great importance to sustainability. That’s why all Rauch products are ecologically sound and socially sustainable. For example, we source wood exclusively from regional, sustainably managed forests and make efficient use of this precious raw material. We have also made our entire production process CO2-neutral and ensure high social standards for our employees at all sites. After all, at Rauch we follow a family tradition – and have done so for over 120 years.

Find out more about sustainability here

  • Made in Germany
    Premium materials, state-of-the-art technology and perfect craftsmanship – for over 120 years, the name Rauch has stood for reliable and durable high-quality furniture, made in Germany.
  • Blue Angel
    Our furniture carries this German eco-label thanks to our environmentally friendly production process, economical use of natural resources and reliance on wood from sustainable forests.
  • Alliance for quality
    Rauch is a partner in the “Alliance for Quality” (Bündnis für Qualität), which guarantees high standards in terms of product quality, logistics and assembly.

Handles and feet

The finishing touch

The “cherry on the cake” is also a must… stylish and modern?
No problem! Want to give your plain white cabinet or custom cabinet combination a special touch? How about handles and feet in Scandinavian design or an industrial look? Round off your unique furniture piece by adding a matching set of handles and feet.

Scandinavian handles and feet

Industrial handles and feet

“Scandinavian look” handles, solid oak

“Scandinavian look” feet, solid oak

“Industrial look” handles, black metal

“Industrial look” feet, black metal

Other accessories

The inner values

Sure, Shuffle looks great on the outside, but what’s going on on the inside? Quite a lot, actually!
The cabinets with hinged doors come with a clothes rail and shelf as standard, however, just like the shelf elements, this module can also be flexibly configure to suit your needs.
The height of the additional shelves can be individually adjusted, thus ensuring optimal use of the storage space.
In addition, banging doors and drawers are a thing of the past, as the doors and drawers are equipped with a soft-close function.

Care instructions

Cleaning and care tips

Painted surfaces

Please only use natural cleaning agents that do not attack the surfaces. Careful application of a clean, damp cloth is usually sufficient to remove any dirt. Stubborn stains or production residues should be removed with some neutral soap. This must be diluted before use! Be sure to try cleaning a hidden area first to check whether the selected cleaner will leave marks on the surface. After cleaning, dry the surface with a cotton cloth.

High-gloss surfaces

For cleaning after the initial assembly and for subsequent general cleaning of the glossy fronts – always use a completely clean, unused cleaning cloth (do not use so-called microfibre cloths). Do not use the same cloth for the inside and the fronts, and be sure to continuously rinse out each cloth. Even the smallest dust grains, dirt residues, etc. that are invisible to the normal eye can leave a mark on the high-gloss fronts.