How can you be sure that Shuffle is a safe product – for you and the environment?

We all know that little tingle of happiness you get when you buy something new. When it comes to furniture, it’s especially enjoyable because you will get to use it every day. Therefore, it’s a real pity if doubts should start to creep in… where did this furniture actually come from, how was it made, does it contain any harmful substances? Below, we explain why you can rest assured that Shuffle is sustainable furniture that is safe for both you and the environment.

The Blue Angel – protecting you and your children

Furniture which carries the Blue Angel eco-label (like Shuffle), guarantees three environmental and health benefits. Firstly, it’s low in emissions during its entire useful life. Secondly, the wood used comes from sustainable forests. This means that for every tree that is cut down, another is planted. And thirdly, it creates zero health risks within the living environment. This is especially important if the furniture is destined for a child’s bedroom!
The Blue Angel label is awarded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation together with the German Federal Environment Agency. The latter examines the award criteria at regular intervals and adapts them in line with the latest technical developments.

Made in Germany? Made in Freudenberg am Main!

Just as a good butcher knows where the cattle for his steaks come from, we personally know every single tree that goes into a Shuffle cabinet. Well, not quite. But we could. Because the wood for Shuffle grows around our production site in Markt Bibart in Bavaria, where all wood-based materials for our furniture are manufactured at our Group’s own chipboard factory. The Shuffle cabinet modules are then created in Freudenberg am Main, the headquarters of Rauch since 1897.

The designation of origin “Made in Germany” not only guarantees production in Germany, but also compliance with the applicable legal requirements – from the procurement and quality of the raw materials to the environmental and occupational safety regulations, as well as rules ensuring fair treatment and remuneration for employees. In short: no illegal logging, no excessive deforestation, no exploitation, no child labour. 





Alliance for Quality – nothing can separate us any more

Naturally, you want to enjoy your Shuffle for as long as possible. That’s all part of our philosophy – you’ll be able to order additions to your Shuffle system many years down the line. Our use of high-quality materials also guarantees the longevity of your furniture. The Alliance for Quality (Bündnis für Qualität) is an initiative by furniture retailers and the furniture industry. Its goal is to continuously improve quality within the furniture sector, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. For this reason, the Alliance for Quality is an indication of high-quality products – it also vouches for well-functioning logistics and high standards in terms of assembly. For Shuffle, this not only means that the individual parts can be easily transported or shipped, but also that everything can be assembled or disassembled in next to no time – with only a Phillips screwdriver.

Bündnis für Qualität Siegel Logo

The furniture manufacturing companies of the Rauch Group are PEFC-certified

You’ve probably seen these label somewhere before. But what does PEFC actually mean?

The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) is one of the world’s largest forest certification scheme. Within the certified forests, strict ecological, social and economic management requirements are implemented. The quantity of wood removed may not exceed the amount of new growth, new land is afforested, the biodiversity is preserved and the origin of the wood is 100% legal. Because we attach special importance to the sustainable and responsible use of forest resources – and wood as a valuable raw material wood – throughout the processing chain, Rauch Group furniture manufacturing companies are certified according to the strict standards of this system. The Rauch chipboard factory processes exclusively fresh, uncontaminated weak and storm-damaged wood from local, sustainable forestry companies to produce Woodmax materials. These wood materials are used in the production of Shuffle.

Woodmax – the Rolls-Royce of chipboard

Woodmax is the proprietary name for our special wooden composite board. Shuffle consists exclusively of Woodmax boards. This fresh-wood chipboard is particularly low in pollutants and was specially developed for use in living spaces at our in-house chipboard factory. The Woodmax panels are made exclusively from uncontaminated weak and storm-damaged wood from local, sustainable forestry companies. More precisely, the wood processed for Woodmax comes from within an approximately 200-kilometre radius around the Bavarian municipality of Markt Bibart.

People and nature – we look after both

Social commitment is an integral part of our corporate culture. For example, our small, free-to-visit zoo is a popular destination for young and old visitors alike. In addition, for those who are interested the Rauch Museum provides fascinating insights into the history of our company and furniture. At the Otto Rauch Foundation, which includes an assisted living concept for people aged 50+ as well as an old people’s home and nursing home, elderly and dependent people are cared for by the German Caritas Association. In addition, for many years we have been involved with the Hotel St. Michael, an integration company in which people with and without disabilities work together. Why are we telling you all this? To ensure nothing clouds your positive feeling when buying a Shuffle. Because we care about the environment – and about people.

Rauch Museum
Past and present

IAt our small museum we provide insights into the history of our company and furniture.

in Freudenberg

The free-to-visit animal park at our furniture factory is a popular destination.

Integration company
Hotel St. Michael

Rauch Möbelwerke has been promoting this unique project for years.

Otto Rauch Foundation
in Freudenberg

For short-term or long-term care or assisted living – the Otto Rauch Foundation is designed as an open institution.