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Questions about the product

Where can I buy Shuffle modules?

Shuffle can be purchased from our online distribution partners. You can find an up-to-date list of our partners here.

Are there preconfigured Shuffle solutions?

From our distribution partners, you can purchase both the individual Shuffle modules as well as pre-configured solutions for different living situations. Of course, the preconfigured Shuffle solutions can also be adapted to your personal wishes.

Very soon you will be able to use an online configurator to easily create your own, personalised Shuffle. Buy Shuffle online here

What is Shuffle?

Shuffle is a modular cabinet system. The individual Shuffle cabinet modules can be individually combined to create countless possibilities and solutions for the most diverse storage requirements. The system can be extended at any time and adapts flexibly and perfectly to new room conditions. White furniture can be perfectly combined with all colours and styles – this means it can be harmoniously adapted to match your personal living style.

How long is the delivery time?

Shuffle is normally delivered within 10 working days.

How many possible combinations does Shuffle offer?

Shuffle always adapts perfectly to your life. The possibilities are as diverse as you are. For this reason, we can’t define a specific number of possible combinations – except perhaps “virtually infinite”…

Which colours are available?

Currently, you can choose between the following front colours for your Shuffle:

  • Alpine white decorative print (matt) and
  • High-gloss white

The carcass of the Shuffle modules is always finished in an Alpine white decorative print.

How can I expand my Shuffle?

Of course, thanks to the modular system, you can buy all individual modules at any time later on and add them to your existing Shuffle. This makes it easy to change your Shuffle as your life changes.

By the way, this also applies if you want or need to reduce the size of your existing Shuffle. Disconnecting the modules is child’s play – they can then be used separately.

Not only can you expand Shuffle with additional modules, you can also personalise them by adding sets of matching handles and feet. Matching accessories can also be added at any time, such as shelves, clothes rails and protective mats for shoe cabinets.

Where can I get replacement parts?

You can order replacement parts from the online retailer from whom you purchased Shuffle.
However, if you still need help, please contact: [email protected]

Can Shuffle be damaged during shipping?

At Rauch, we have developed our Shuffle packages and tested them thoroughly (i.e. countless times!). We also adhere to the prescribed standards and guidelines for drop tests. If, contrary to expectations, something breaks in transit, you can order replacement parts at any time.

Where is Shuffle manufactured?

Our Shuffle cabinet system is manufactured by Rauch Möbelwerke in Freudenberg am Main. Our company stands for modern bedroom and storage solutions that are “Made in Germany”. We produce ecologically outstanding furniture for every style and budget to exceptional quality standards – because healthy and relaxed living is our passion. Furthermore, we follow the traditions of a family business – with over 120 years’ experience.

Can I only buy Shuffle online?

Currently, Shuffle is only available online via our online distribution partners.

What are the advantages of Shuffle when moving home?

Shuffle always consists of multiple individual modules, which are child’s play to assemble and disassemble. The individual modules are also easy to handle and transport.

How can I ensure that my Shuffle has a long life?

In terms of the surface finish, our furniture is available in a wide variety of materials, colours and materials, whose properties also vary greatly. Therefore, before making a decision, it is important to consider the kind of demands you will place on the furniture in the future.

Whether your furniture is made of solid wood or wooden materials with an imitation finish, all surfaces change over time due to exposure to light, especially sunlight.

By following a few, simple rules, you will get to enjoy your furniture for a relatively long time:

It’s important to ensure a constant, healthy room climate, because wood materials and solid woods tend to warp due to fluctuations in room temperature and air humidity. Therefore, ventilate the room thoroughly at least once per day. According to medical and scientific research, the optimal indoor climate averages 45–55% relative humidity at 18–23°C.

Please also remember to provide rear ventilation for the furniture – place it at least 20 mm away from the wall.

Do not place any hot, heavy, sharp-edged or damp objects on the furniture’s surfaces. These can leave dents or marks. Immediately dab spilled liquids with an absorbent cloth. Never rub the surface forcefully in any one place.

Furniture surfaces that are in contact with different materials for a prolonged period (e.g. plasticisers on desk coverings) can lead to chemical reactions and discolouration.

Failure to follow these rules may result in permanent damage to your furniture.

Is Shuffle a certified product?

Shuffle is “made in Germany” and carries the Blue Angel eco-label. This certification is evidence that Shuffle is low in emissions and can be safely placed in the living environment from a health point of view. In the manufacturing process, we attach special importance to the economical use of natural resources and their benefits for the production of our wood-based materials, which are exclusively made from wood from regional, sustainable forestry. You can learn more about sustainability here.

Who should I contact with questions about my order?

If you have any questions about your order, please contact the online retailer from whom you purchased the product. However, should you still need assistance, we will be happy to help: [email protected]

Assembly tips

How do I put Shuffle together?

Our installation video and assembly guides will help you assemble the modules. Just click the link. View our assembly guides

Which tools do I need?

To assemble your Shuffle modules you only need a few tools: cordless screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, tape measure, spirit level. View our assembly guides

Some screws, rear wall brackets, etc. are missing...

You can request and reorder any missing parts from the dealer from whom you purchased Shuffle.
However, if you still need assistance, please contact: [email protected]

How do I prepare Shuffle for assembly?

  1. Once you have checked whether all packages have arrived, look for the package containing the assembly instructions. One of the package labels is marked with an *M* – you will find the assembly instructions inside.
  2. Afterwards, you should unpack all packages for the respective module. When opening the box, take care not to scratch the furniture with the knife – please be very careful!
  3. The next step is to sort out all the hardware and accessories so you can get an overview.
  4. Now check the assembly instructions to make sure that all screws and fittings are present. Important: it is possible that there will be some screws, etc. left over at the end of the assembly process. This is because we weigh the screws rather than counting them individually. Therefore, a few extra ones are sometimes included.
  5. Before you get started, please read the assembly instructions carefully.
  6. Our assembly video shows you the best way to assemble the modules – just take a look.

The gap between the doors is too big

By turning the set screws you can reduce the gap between doors or drawers, or ensure that the gaps are even. Please also check whether the door hinge has been fitted correctly to the mounting plate attached to the inside of the cabinet.

The doors cannot be mounted

Make sure that you have installed the mounting plate the right way around on the side of the cabinet. The so-called “quick release device” must always point towards the inside of the cabinet.

My doors are installed at different heights

The height of the doors can be adjusted via the mounting plate in the cabinet. Simply adjust the height of the fitting until the doors have reached the desired positions and all dimensions are even.

The doors stick when opened and closed

It is possible that the doors are resting against the cabinet body when opened and closed. Increase the distance between the door and the cabinet carcass via the set screws on the concealed hinges.

The door does not close completely.

Please check that the middle door damper is unlocked correctly.
View our assembly guides

The gaps between the drawers are not uniform.

You can adjust the heights of the drawers on the drawer rails. To do so, you must first release the safety catch on the drawer guide rail.

Then you can alter the position of the adjuster and thus change the height of the drawer.

The drawer does not close flush with the carcass on both sides

This can happen if the drawers were not glued at right angles. Please check whether the angles of the drawer are 90 degrees. If this is not the case, carefully push the drawer into a right angle at the corner and glue it again if necessary.

I have screws left over. Did I forget something?

No, not necessarily. it is possible that there will be some screws, etc. left over at the end of the assembly process. This is because we weigh the screws rather than counting them individually – a few extra ones are sometimes included.

How can I disassemble my Shuffle?

The assembly instructions also include a guide to disassembling the Shuffle. A disassembly video is also available. View our assembly guides

How do I disassemble the door fittings?

To disassemble the door fittings, all you need is a slotted screwdriver.

To loosen the concealed hinges on the doors, carefully insert the screwdriver into the side of the fitting and then push it upwards. The fitting can then be easily removed from the holes in the doors.

To remove the door fittings in the cabinet carcass, carefully insert the screwdriver into the side of both “quick releases” on the mounting plate and push them upwards.

How do I enable or disable the damping function on the doors?

You can enable or disable the damping function on each concealed hinge. This allows you to vary the damping behaviour of each cabinet door. To enable/disable the damping, you just need to adjust a small latch on the damping mechanism itself. The damping is enabled by pushing the latch towards the door. Conversely, the damping is disabled if the latch is positioned towards the inside of the cabinet.

Questions about the ordering process

I have some questions about my Shuffle order. Who can help me?

Ideally, you should contact the online retailer from whom you purchased Shuffle.
However, if your questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

I need to submit a complaint. Whom should I contact?

Ideally, you should contact the online retailer from whom you purchased Shuffle. They can submit your complaint to us and reorder the damaged parts. However, if you still need help, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

What information must I include when making a complaint?

Please state your order confirmation number (which you can find on the package label) or your commission number (which you can find on the invoice).

In exceptional cases, you can also include the model number. This can also be found on the package label.

In addition, pictures of the damaged parts are a great help and enable us to improve our processes.

How long on average does it take to process a complaint?

We usually process complaints within 5 to 10 working days.